June - Sept 2023

I² Innovation Camp at German Centre Mexico


Co-innovate, co-create, co-work: Developing solutions for tomorrow's businesses


The idea

Connecting startups with corporates

Introducing the I² Innovation Camp, Presented by German Centre Mexico and Partners.

Unlocking the Power of Partnership for Innovation and Growth.

Join us for the first I² Innovation Camp, a match­making program that connects startups and corporates, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships to drive innovation. Over the course of three months, aspiring entrepreneurs will work hand-in-hand with established companies, insti­tutions, and experts to brainstorm, design, and customize solutions tailored to the needs of participating corporates.

Powered by German Centre Mexico and a variety of program partners, the I² Innovation Camp provides a dynamic platform for collaboration, leveraging our extensive professional network and physical innovation hub. While the program's overarching theme is industrial transformation focusing on sustainability and industry 4.0, we welcome participants from all sectors, backgrounds, and countries.

For Corporates

  • Meet and co-create with startups to strengthen your innovation power,
  • Get access to entrepreneurial talent to enhance your products and services,
  • Obtain accelerated results thanks to pre-selected deal flow.

For Startups

  • Get access to a diverse network of expert partners,
  • Professional guidance to develop your business model,
  • Work in an inspiring environment at German Centre Mexico.

Camp Partners


We provide the network and physical hub to connect relevant stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem. We bring companies together with startups from different industries to create beneficial partnerships and incentivize innovation.


Our coworking spaces are the perfect environment to make new business connections and develop creative solutions.

Participants can use the coworking space and facilities for free during the I2 Innovation Camp.


As business connectors, we put together an event series to align innovative ideas with corporate strategies. During the program a variety of experts from our network will guide you to develop useful and profitable innovations.

Co-innovate • Co-create • Co-work

The German Centre has been an incubator for innovation (hence: "I²") ever since its opening in 2001. What has started with mainly German SMEs from tradiotional industries, is now opening up for startups. While young entrepreneurs gain access to a powerful network and potential business, corporates benefit from new business possibilities.

With the I² Innovation Camp, we are targeting to connect both sides and provide the space, infrastructure and network for them to strive.

Join us now and get the vibe!


Nick Junge

Business Development Manager

+52 55 9172-9210



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