I. Personal Data Protection Administrator.

The Centro Alemán de Industria y Comercio de México S. de R.L. de C.V. (German Centre Mexico), located at Avenida Santa Fe Number 170, Colonia Santa Fe, Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón, Código Postal 01376, in Mexico City, is responsible for the processing of your personal data in accordance with article 3rd, section XIV of the Federal Law on Personal Data Protection held by Private Individuals (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares (LFPDPPP)), as well as for the provisions of articles 1st, 3rd and 5th of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (Reglamento General de Protección de Datos de la Unión Europea (GDPR))

II. Purpose of processing obtained Personal Data and type of collected data

The personal data collected by the German Centre Mexico through physical formats, by means of electronic facilities including our website, or by phone will be used for starting, administration and maintenance of the services we offer to our customers and tenants, as well as for the data handling of our providers (natural persons) as pointed out in this section.

General Data

The general personal data collected as: name, address, age, phone number, federal taxpayer registry, e-mail and tax residence, as well as images that may be taken at the events performed by the German Centre Mexico, will be used for the following essential processing purposes:

  • To initiate the service provision contracted by our customers
  • To record your information in our systems and databases in order to provide and maintain our services;
  • For carrying out the entry register at the reception desk of the building;
  • To comply with the applicable legal provisions as well as with the corporate standards implemented by the German Centre Mexico for the provision of its services;
  • For procedures to address complaints, grievances, queries, modifications and cancellation of services;
  • To confirm, verify, correct and update the collected information in order to comply with the contract obligations and services contracted by the customers;
  • For staff management if necessary;
  • For facility rentals (conference rooms);
  • For the creation and administration of records of our tenants; and
  • To carry out payment processes made to suppliers and invoicing services.

Furthermore, this personal information may be used for the following secondary purposes (non-essential):

  • Statistical analyses;
  • Canteen Service;
  • Parking Service;
  • Image recording in order to disseminate programs and activities of the German Centre Mexico on internet sites managed by the Center or on social networks.
  • Advertising, marketing, and
  • To notify changes made to the present privacy statement.
Financial, property and sensitive data

In case of collecting and processing financial, property and/or sensitive data, as well as that information required to comply with the Federal Law for Prevention and Identification of Transactions involving Resources derived from ilicit Sources (Ley Federal para la Prevención e Identificación de Operaciones con Recursos de Procedencia Ilícita (LFPIORPI)), these will be collected by means of a specific format whereby the explicit consent of our tenants and suppliers (natural persons) will be requested for that event, by informing them about the legal implications of their decision to provide or to refuse them, as the case may be.

III. Transfer of personal data.

The personal data collected by the German Centre Mexico may be shared with the suppliers who support us providing goods and services to our tenants, visitors, as well as for the attention and payment made to our suppliers (natural persons) who are necessary for complying with the legal relationship existing with them, therefore, for these transfers there is no need to obtain the explicit consent of the data owner, as set out in article 37, section VII of the LFPDPPP, as well as per article 44 of the GDPR.

Apart from the cases referred to before, and unless any of the assumptions included in article 37 of the LFPFPPP and 49 of the GDPR have been updated, the data provided by our tenants, visitors and suppliers (natural persons) will not be transferred under any circumstances.

IV. Use of images.

Moreover, the German Centre Mexico may use, print, reproduce and publish the image(s) taken by visitors, tenants and suppliers in print and electronic media (blogs, social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Websites), in all their manifestations, interpretations or executions, their editions, phonograms or videograms and in their emissions, with the objective of documenting in a journalistic way and reporting information related to events held by the business center, either by themselves or through external providers contracted for the performance of the mentioned activities.

Secondary Purposes of the image processing.

When the image of any visitor, tenant or supplier may be used for advertising or commercial purposes, this situation will be notified to the data owner, and his explicit consent will be required by means of a specific format, so that he can point out, before the processing, if he accepts the images to be used for such purpose.

V. Restrictive measures for the use or disclosure of personal data.

In accordance with article 16th, section III of the LFPDPPP and article 111th of the LFPDPPP Regulation, those persons who wish to restrict the use and disclosure of their personal data, or don´t want to continue receiving releases about not essential purposes, which have been detailed in this statement, may send at all times an e-mail to our privacy officer (delegated person for data protection), Mrs. Yolanda Bulnes to the address requesting not to be contacted anymore with regard to these purposes.

VI. Withdrawal of consent and exercise of rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Objection.

As set out in the LFPDPPP and the GDPR, the owner of personal data collected by the German Centre Mexico may request the access, rectification, cancellation (is case this is legally authorized), or oppose the use of the same, as well as withdraw his consent. For exercising these rights, he must follow these procedures:

  1. Send an e-mail to our Privacy Officer, Mrs. Yolanda Bulnes to the address requiring the application form for exercising the ARCO rights, which should be filled in including his complete name, as well as the legal relationship he has concluded with the German Centre Mexico, the type of right he wants to exercise identifying precisely the data in respect of which he is requesting access, rectification, cancellation or objection, or in respect of which he decided to withdraw his consent, enclosing any official identification document (voter identification card INE, corresponding national identification card in case of foreigners, professional certificate, current passport or migration document) in order to prove the identity or personality for this request.
  2. In case of personal data whose owners are minors or people incapable of giving their consent, this application must be completed by the person who legally represents the rights of the minor or person incapable of giving its consent, either accrediting the parental responsibility or through its legally appointed guardian or curator.
  3. The data owners must complete the application for exercising the ARCO rights and may enclose the relevant documents for their request. For rectification requests it is necessary to precisely point out what kind of modification shall be performed, enclosing the documentation in support of the application.
  4. The applications for exercising the ARCO rights should be submitted on working days and during business hours, in accordance with the Federal Law on Administrative Procedures.
  5. The application is to be sent to the e-mail address indicated in section 1, and they will receive an acknowledgement with the corresponding reception date. In case the same does not comply with the legal requirements, they will be requested within five working days of the receipt to rectify their application in a time period of ten working days. If they fail to do so, the same will be considered as not submitted.  
  6. If their application has been sent on a Friday or a non-working day, the same will be received from the next business day after the forwarding date.
  7. The application will be answered via e-mail in a time period of twenty working days from the date of acknowledgement of receipt. This time limit may be extended for additional twenty working days if there are proper reasons that justify it. Such situation shall be notified to the data owner, as set out in article 97 of the Regulation of the LFPDPPP.
  8. In case the application is appropriate in accordance with the LFPDPPP and further current regulations, the access shall be granted, data shall be rectified or cancelled, the objection right shall be exercised, or the consent will be considered as withdrawn within fifteen working days from the date of response to the application. This time limit may be extended for additional fifteen working days if there are proper reasons that justify it. Such situation shall be notified to the data owner, as set out in article 97 of the Regulation of the Federal Law on Personal Data Protection held by Private Individuals (RLFPDPPP).
  9. In all cases where the application is appropriate in accordance with articles 32, 33, 34 and 35 of the LFPDPPP, the personal data delivery shall be free of charge via the e-mail address provided by the data owner for such purposes. In the event that he requires the information to be delivered to him in a different way, he must only cover justified handling costs and/or the costs for reproduction in copies or other formats generated.

VII. Personal Data Online Management.

This section shows the personal data processing characteristics of our website users:  

Online Privacy Policy

The internet portal of the German Centre Mexico captures information about the people who get online and browse it, recording: the users´ internet address (generally, this address is temporary and is assigned by the internet service provider upon initially connection), the type of operating system used by them and the type of browser software used by them. Furthermore, we can track the portal sites visited by them. The information obtained is used to help us creating a better experience for the users of our internet portal. The entire process is performed without our knowledge of the name or any other information which could enable us to identify the users. While they visit the portal of the German Centre Mexico, they do it anonymously, unless the user explicitly decides to identify himself with us.

The German Centre Mexico does not require that users provide personal data for using the internet portal, except this may be necessary for proving them as the tenant or supplier of goods or services, what will be expressly explained. Some applications may demand the users to reveal some personal information, for example, in the contact forms; all this in order to give attention to the comments, requests, questions or suggestions, or to contact them, if necessary. On the contact forms they will not be required to provide financial, property and/or sensitive data, therefore, the disclosure of those is the responsibility of themselves. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in case the users provide voluntarily personal data classified within these categories, the German Centre Mexico guarantees the strictest confidentiality in its management.


The cookie is a brief information sent by the internet portal to the user´s computer, which is stored on the hard drive. The next time the user logs in to our portal, we can use the information stored on the cookie to make it easier for him to use our website. For example, we can use the cookie for storing a password, so he doesn´t have to re-enter it each time when he moves to a different section of the portal. A cookie does not enable us to know about the personal identity of the user, unless he decides expressly to provide it to us. Most cookies expire after a certain period or may be deleted by the user on his computer whenever he wants. Likewise, the users can set up their browser to notify them when it receives a cookie, so that they are free to accept or to refuse it.

Social Networks

The information published or sent via “Inbox” by our visitors, voluntarily or spontaneously through our social networks, is subject to the terms and conditions determined by the service provider of the relevant social network. The German Centre Mexico is committed to ensure that the information provided by the users will exclusively be used to pay attention to the applications and to answer their questions or comments, as well as to get in contact with them upon their request and to generate statistics on the usage of our site or social network.

In the case of persons requesting information about our services, the data will be used for providing individual attention and/or for being channeled to the Customer Service Center, where follow-up is given to the request by phone or e-mail.  

Data portability

In accordance with the provisions of article 20 of the GDPR, you are entitled to transfer the obtained personal data from one responsible to another, provided that the data processing has been performed by automated means, the German Centre Mexico guarantees the strictest security for the transfer of automated data.

VIII. With whom may you lodge complaints or denunciations related to the misuse of your personal data?  

If you consider your right of personal data protection to be infringed by any conduct, action or answer to our applications, if you presume any violation of the provisions set out in the LFPDPPP in the processing of your personal data, you may lodge the corresponding complaint or denunciation with the National Institute of Transparency, Access to the Information and Data Protection (Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos (INAI). For more information, visit

IX. Further information – Privacy Office.

If you have any questions regarding the content, interpretation or extent of this statement, or if you need additional information about the processing of your data, you may contact our Privacy Office: Mrs. Yolanda Bulnes via e-mail address  

X. Changes in the Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement has been in force since January 1st, 2012 and may be discretionally modified by the responsible according to the applicable regulations; any modification thereto shall be reported by the responsible by publishing the new Privacy Statement on the internet website

Last update: June 15th, 2018